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Rajit Roshan Paul

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There is a road in the picture that tells the journey of our planet earth to an ozone friendly state. Here the road starting with activities that prevail today which must be stopped immediately and an ending with such activities that ensure the protection of ozone layer. The picture illustrates the crying need of time: the transformation which we must apply according to the Vienna Convention, the Montreal Protocol including the Kigali Amendment.
In the left side of the road, there are shown the daily activities and objects most of which are harmful for not only the ozone layer but also the climate. These activities are responsible for the emission of CFCs, HFCs and even CO2 which have an adverse effect on ozone layer both directly and indirectly. These gases deplete ozone layer which allows harmful rays (emitted by the sun) to enter easily in our atmosphere. If we keep using these harmful things (CFC emitting refrigerator, air conditioner) and doing these types of anti-environmental activities, we will face many unavoidable fatalities which have a bad effect on the whole environment including the ozone layer. So, we cannot help changing our habits towards the environment and ozone layer.

Here (in the right side) is shown the way to the changed one where no anti-environmental activities are held. It is a totally eco-friendly environment which is our dream to gain. In the right side, there is no use of non-renewable energy and at the same time using renewable energy is mandatory. There must be afforestation. Clean water, fresh air, fruitful land are the part and parcel of this eco-friendly environment. There should not be used any explosives such as weapons, grenades etc. which is very dangerous for all. Our daily used things also used and made using green energy. There should be all things which can be recycled, renewed and reused. Thus we can save the ozone layer and protect us from the ultra-violet rays which are very dangerous for our health and existence.


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