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Ngoc han Mai

Title of Artwork:

Bảo Vệ Môi Trường Xanh Sạch Đẹp



Artwork Description

The environment is where we live, develop every day, is the space for survival of many kinds of animals and plants in nature. However, today due to the bad consciousness of people, the environment is becoming increasingly polluted. This pollution not only degrades the quality of the living environment but also threatens human life on earth.
Today, along with the strong development of the economy, the social life has been improved a lot. But parallel to it are invisible harms that leave extremely serious consequences for human life. That is the situation of deterioration of the living environment, the natural environment. The development of industry entails a series of negative sides such as: waste in the production process, dust emitted from factories, then to serve production and economic development that people have exploited. Overexploitation allows natural resources, thereby causing ecological degradation and environmental pollution. The living environment here can be understood as including natural elements such as: water, air, trees, land... are factors that play an extremely important role in human's life. But when these factors are harmed, it will directly threaten the survival of humans as well as of animals and plants in nature. The development of industry, the development of social life, economic life has brought a series of harmful effects on the environment. Specifically: when the smoke and dust in industrial production plants, dust from the roads and vehicles released into the air will make the atmosphere polluted, thereby seriously affecting the ecosystem. as well as human health in society. We can see that air is the element that sustains human life through the body's respiratory activity. Therefore, once the environment is polluted, it will directly affect human life. Humans can go a day without eating or drinking, but cannot go without breathing, not even for a minute. That said, we can see the role of the air environment, and the danger and threat of environmental pollution to human life.
Not only is the air environment polluted, but the wastewater in industry and daily life has not been treated but is discharged directly into the environment, causing water pollution. The water environment is quite sensitive, just contaminating one water area will risk spreading to many other areas, ponds, lakes, rivers and streams in the surrounding area. Polluted water environment not only makes fish, shrimp, aquatic species die but also endangers humans because polluted water is the source of water for human daily life, thereby causing many diseases. strange diseases of the skin, respiratory tract, especially cancer. We probably remember the case that the Vedan noodle company released its production wastewater into the environment without going through any wastewater treatment. This unconscious action has caused the water of the whole area to be seriously polluted, and the people of a neighboring village have a lot of cancer. This incident has attracted a lot of public attention for a long time.

Water pollution also turns rivers into dead rivers. For example, the To Lich river in Hanoi, due to the amount of domestic waste being discharged too much, it has now become a dead river, without any creatures that can live there, the color of the water is murky. Like the color of sewage, when moving through this area, there is a rotten smell of garbage. Water pollution also causes important consequences, which is soil pollution. Because there is a very close relationship between them. Waste water and garbage seep into the soil causing pollution. This contaminated land makes it impossible for plants to grow, on the other hand, contaminated soil will affect the groundwater, making it polluted. When people use this polluted water source, it is very dangerous and can affect life.
In addition, the indiscriminate and unreasonable situation of cutting down forests for production purposes also makes the environment seriously affected. Deforestation will increase natural disasters, making weather erratic. Heavy rain but no watershed forests obstruct the flow easily causing landslides, affecting people's lives.
Thus, our living environment is being seriously threatened because of the current state of environmental pollution, so to protect the living environment is also to protect human life, we need to improve the quality of life. awareness of environmental protection, propagandize for friends, relatives and people in society to join hands to protect the environment. Only then will our living environment become clean and beautiful.


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