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Applicant Name:

Shreya Singh

Title of Artwork:

The World is Crying



Artwork Description

The art depicts an eye that can metaphorically describe Earth. The eyebrow can be thought to be like the ozone layer. The lack of eyebrow on the left is the result of destructive human activities such as burning of fossil fuels, cutting down trees or even something as small as smoking. The right side has eyebrows present which is due to good and sustainable practices such as using renewable energy instead of fossil fuels or planting more trees rather than cutting down more trees. The eye itself can represent the consequences of ozone ddepletion. The iris, in a clockwise direction, portrays an empty land(famine and drought), a creature wearing green surrounded by germs(disease), an explosion(war) and a graveyard(death). The black lines that normally should be a pink color can describe a dying world. It can also describe intense storms or weather. The tear can represent either sadness and sorrow or the melting of ice.


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