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Applicant Name:

Harris Ngai

Title of Artwork:

Past and Future



Artwork Description

For the picture i have drawn is showing how our paradise use to be inb the past when the grass and plants were greener, the air was fresher, and filled with the sounds of tropical birds and aroma of flowers blooming and our sea full of life.
If we continue as we are today in the coming future soon every thing that was once a paradise will become just another wasteland.
Soon landfills will be overflowing habitat for birds and animals will be replaced with new homes, factories and business buildings and our ocean and water will be polluted with all sorts of waste and chemicals. If we don't act now we will slowly see our beautiful world destroyed by our own doings. Save our world, save our paradise, save our home. By limiting the amount of rubbish we produce daily, we have to work together to make our home safe and clean. The compass represents the world from all 4 corners is being affected by how we are treating our planet.


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